TruWorth Auto's first-of-its-kind Profit Shares Program is a unique way to maximize the money you make when selling your car. It's quite simple. We first buy your vehicle, sell it, and then split the profit with you. That means for one car, you get two checks from us! So far we have given more than $2.7 million back to our customers through this program alone. 

Tell me more. 

We know there are more options than ever these days to sell your car, but at TruWorth Auto we do it differently with transparency at every step of the way. After we purchase your vehicle from you (that's the first check), we then service the car to get it in ready-to-sell shape before listing it on more than 250 third-party car sales websites such as Autotrader,, CarGurus and more. Once we sell your car, we will then split the net profit with you - which makes for the second check from us.

Why this works.

This program was born out of TruWorth Auto's mission to throw out the antiquated ways of buying and selling cars. We wanted to do something different after seeing consumers frustrated about the value of their car. After more than 30 years experience in the wholesale car market and understanding the retail aspect, the founders of TruWorth Auto knew consumers like to buy a car from an individual. Statistics show just under half of used market cars are sold each year via consumer to consumer transaction. At TruWorth Auto we are taking that personal approach but providing a benefit to not only the seller but the buyer by offering transparency at every step of the way from servicing to access to the prior owner of the car. 


How it's different.

Many people ask us what's the catch or is this just another auto consignment opportunity? It's not and here is why. An auto consignment is when a dealer takes the vehicle, puts it on their lot and handles the sale, taking a commission when it sells. In this situation the dealer doesn't actually buy your vehicle. They hold it and market it on their lot for you, but they have no true skin in the game. In this situation you have to wait and hope they sell your car, if at all, and at the price you want after all their commission fees. 

TruWorth Auto's Profit Shares Program is much different. You get paid upfront, because we actually purchase your vehicle from you. We have a vested interest in selling your car so we recondition it to a higher quality standard, market your car on a national level to attract more buyers - and we do this all out of our own expense. Whatever is left we then split with you. That's why at TruWorth Auto we say sell savvy

Why it's better than selling on your own. 

We understand consumers like to buy a car from an individual. In fact 42 million cars are sold in the used market every year with 20 million of them being consumer to consumer transactions. We take that personalized approach with our Profit Shares Program but provide a value that can only come with experience in the market by being able to offer trades, financing and warranties. 

We have proof.

So far TruWorth Auto has given more than $2.7 million back to customers through the Profit Shares Program and have many happy customers who are spreading the word about this one-of-a-kind offering.

Let's get started.

Bring your vehicle down to our dealership and we will get the appraisal process started or call (317) 853-6700 for more information. We look forward to selling savvy with you soon.