Do you have some cargo you need to load into your SUV? Learning how to load properly offers a safe and efficient way to store your things. Read on to learn a few cargo-loading tips.

Here are 3 tips from TruWorth Auto in Carmel, IN to load cargo safely:

Pre-Planning: The first thing you want to do is a little pre-planning. Figure out whether you're just hauling cargo or whether you need to haul passengers as well. This makes a difference in where everything will go and will give you an idea of how much you can load.

Cargo Distribution: You should always place your heaviest items towards the front of your cargo space. Your load should also be distributed as much as possible. Avoid stacking your cargo too high so that you can't see out the window.

Secure Items: Secure your load by bracing items against one another or investing in cargo straps to help keep your items in place while driving.